L.A. Painters and Decorators is an established interior and exterior painting, decorating, design and build company based in South West London. We understand that people living in London have busy lives. In the working week people start and end their day in their homes and at the weekend they need it to be a place of respite and refuge. That is why we are in the business of decorating your home as your haven so that you have the tranquillity and peace of mind of enjoying your living space so that you can rest, socialise with friends or family and/or work if needs be.


Although L.A. Painters and Decorators is known for the high-quality painting and decorating work that we do, no job is too big or small for services also include: carpentry, plumbing, tiling & plastering to bigger projects such loft and house extensions and re-decorations.  Thus, acting as a one-stop-shop in making your home your haven.

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