Interior Decorating 

The signature service and work that we do at L.A. Painters and Decorators is painting and decorating. The type of colour scheme/wallpaper that we have is not only a reflection of our personalities, it also sets the mood and tone for making your home your haven.  Whether it is one room or an entire home redecoration L.A. Painters and Decorators will work with you to bring your project to life from idea to completion.  Thus offering you a personalised service and guaranteed high quality of work for the following:

·         Painting

·         Wallpapering

·         Colour Schemes

·         Home redecoration


L.A. Painters and Decorators also offers the following complimentary services so we can be your one stop shop for home interior redecoration work:

·         Tiling and Plastering

·         Carpentry

·         Electrician

·         Plumbing

·         Handyman Jobs



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